Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beef-A-Teers Minutes1-24-2010

*Book and enrollment fees are do ASAP- its $10 per member.
*You must attend 50% of meetings in order to attend fair- if you can't make it, call an advisor.
*4H funding may be cut in years to come- unlikely to happen this year (you can probably get more info on this than I can).
*4H Week is the week of March 7-13, posters will be made at the next meeting.
*MAC Commission- 4% is taken out of all checks instead of 3% for regular exhibitors and 5% for champions; money goes to electricity, sawdust, water, etc.
*Quality Assurance is due in June; we're unable to do it as a group so you have to attend a meeting either Feb. 24 from 6-8 or April 21 from 6-8; you can also take a test at the extension office which will test you out for 3 years if you pass (must be 12 years old to take).
*If you're going to the Beef Expo let Chriss know so she can book rooms.
*Turkey order forms are due March 2.
*Code of Conduct is due before April 15 along with enrollment fee.
*Health Report for next weej is Eddie Mook and Safety Report, Bailey (I think...wasn't too sure on the name)
*Our next fundraiser is going to be a Hoagie Sale. More info to come.
*Next meeting is February 21, 1pm at the Expo Center.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tricia Making It All Come Together

Bringing it all together for the judge

Good showmanship skills are very important

Hard work pays off !!!

Our pig pen

This is the pen we built for our pigs , it has automatic waters and a self feeder , seems to work out well it measures 16' x 32' plenty of room for 4 pigs

Michaels Turkey Project

This is the setup we use for our turkeys when we bring them home

Mike spending time with his birds so they get to know him and are not scared of him

A clean pen and fan are very important, they cut down on a bird getting overheated and less time for you having to spot clean your bird before show

End results are a very clean and manageable bird