Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beef-A-Teers Minutes1-24-2010

*Book and enrollment fees are do ASAP- its $10 per member.
*You must attend 50% of meetings in order to attend fair- if you can't make it, call an advisor.
*4H funding may be cut in years to come- unlikely to happen this year (you can probably get more info on this than I can).
*4H Week is the week of March 7-13, posters will be made at the next meeting.
*MAC Commission- 4% is taken out of all checks instead of 3% for regular exhibitors and 5% for champions; money goes to electricity, sawdust, water, etc.
*Quality Assurance is due in June; we're unable to do it as a group so you have to attend a meeting either Feb. 24 from 6-8 or April 21 from 6-8; you can also take a test at the extension office which will test you out for 3 years if you pass (must be 12 years old to take).
*If you're going to the Beef Expo let Chriss know so she can book rooms.
*Turkey order forms are due March 2.
*Code of Conduct is due before April 15 along with enrollment fee.
*Health Report for next weej is Eddie Mook and Safety Report, Bailey (I think...wasn't too sure on the name)
*Our next fundraiser is going to be a Hoagie Sale. More info to come.
*Next meeting is February 21, 1pm at the Expo Center.